Meet SFFILM’s 2019 FilmHouse Residents

It’s almost the new year, which means it’s time for a new batch of Bay Area–based storytellers to take up residence at FilmHouse, SFFILM’s dynamic shared workspace for independent filmmakers. FilmHouse residencies, made possible by the Kenneth Rainin Foundation with additional funding from the McBaine family, supports both narrative and documentary films by providing 12-month residencies to filmmakers actively engaged in various stages of production.

In addition to flex use workspace, FilmHouse residents are provided with dedicated rooms for writing and editing their features, and special access to established industry professionals offering mentorship, office hours, and deeper artistic guidance from their various areas of expertise. Other resident benefits will include a robust guest speaker series, featuring lectures and presentations by leading industry professionals; workshops led by prominent filmmakers and other members of the independent film industry; peer-to-peer support; work-in-progress screenings; bi-weekly production meetings; access to meaningful networking opportunities; and numerous other community-building programs.

Let’s meet the 40 (!) residents that will be taking their projects to the next stage —whether it be screenwriting or post-production — at FilmHouse in 2019.

(* denotes extension of previous residency)

Fawaz Al-Matrouk* — Anwar — narrative feature, screenwriting

Liz Anderson — Cordyceps — narrative feature, screenwriting

Joseph Applebaum* — Minister of Loneliness — documentary feature, production

Natalie Baszile — Good People — narrative feature, screenwriting

Yael Bridge — Socialism: An American Story (working title) — documentary feature, post-production

Javier Briones — Our Nightly Walk — documentary feature, development/pre-production

Christy Chan — Dear Wizard — narrative feature, screenwriting

Daniel Chein — Sonsplitter — documentary feature, post-production

Alexia Colette-Sauvageon* — Untitled — narrative feature, development

Darren Colston — Grandpa’s Hands — narrative feature, screenwriting

Maria Fortiz-Morse* — The Departure — documentary feature, development

Daniel Freeman — Teddy, Out of Tune — narrative feature, production

Jason Hanasik* — Pain Is Weakness Leaving the Body — documentary short, pre-production

Dee Hibbert-Jones — Run with It — documentary feature, production

Alexandra Hsu — Queens — narrative feature, screenwriting/development

Emily Cohen Ibañez — Fruits of Labor — documentary feature, production

Yvan Iturriaga — American Babylon — narrative feature, screenwriting

Joshua Losben — The Unbabymoon — narrative feature, screenwriting

Stewart Maddux* — Minister of Loneliness — documentary feature, production

Benjamin MulHolland* — The Lake Merritt Monster — narrative feature, development

Cameron Mullenneaux* — Untitled South Dakota Project — documentary feature, production

Hung Nguyen — TBD — documentary feature, production

Nicole Opper — The F Word: A Foster-to-Adopt Story — web series, production

Elena Oxman* — Outerlands — narrative feature, screenwriting/development

Erin Persley — Human Shield — documentary feature, development and pre-production

Tijana Petrovic — 10,000 Years — documentary feature, production

John Picklap — Perennial — documentary feature, development

Victor Pineda* — 12 Bends — documentary feature, post-production

Rajal Pitroda* — Untitled Race & Criminal Justice Project — documentary feature, post-production

Maria “Vicky” Ponce* — Washing Elena — narrative feature, screenwriting/development

Débora Silva — Black Mothers — documentary feature, production

Andrew Smith — Untitled Walt Whitman Project— narrative feature, screenwriting

Kristine Stolakis* — Pray Away — documentary feature, production

Molly Stuart — Bedding — documentary short, development

Cyrus Tabar — My Body Electric — narrative feature, screenwriting

Nomi Talisman — Run with It — documentary feature, production

Deniz Tortum — Hospital with two exits — documentary feature, post-production and distribution

Marcus Ubungen* — Beyond the Fields — documentary feature, production

Dawn Valadez — Fruits of Labor — documentary feature, production

Julie Wyman — Untitled Dwarfism Project — documentary feature, development/production

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Presenter of the SFFILM Festival, SFFILM is a year-round nonprofit organization delivering screenings & events to 100,000+ film lovers annually.

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Presenter of the SFFILM Festival, SFFILM is a year-round nonprofit organization delivering screenings & events to 100,000+ film lovers annually.