SFFILM’s Young Filmmakers Camp 2020: Students and Instructors Reflect on Remote Learning and the Importance of Film Education

  • Create meaningful relationships that students can draw from in the future — account for one-on-one time with teachers, so that students feel supported and have the opportunity to build a mentor/mentee relationship with their teachers.
  • Develop students’ independent filmmaking skills, so that they can emerge from camp as more self-sufficient filmmakers.
  • Train skills for online media creation that will help students be creative and innovative filmmakers and use the resources they have at their disposal to create art and film.
  • Finish camp having created several small but polished projects that students can add to their portfolios.
  • Provide the opportunity for students to learn from a diverse group of filmmakers.
  • Create safe spaces where students can ask questions and discover what working in the film industry feels like.
  • Introduce students to online and free resources that can be used to experiment with film outside of camp.
Watch Jonas Rivera’s reflection video
Watch Daniel Freeman’s reflection video
Watch Reaa Puri’s reflection video
Watch Rosa Morales’s reflection video



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